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Juno - Open Source React Gmail Client

03 November 2021

Juno is an Open Source React based Gmail application.

  • A minimalistic design for less cognitive load, so you can use your brain for the needed work.
  • Go through your emails with minimal clicks.
  • Keep clear track of your to-do emails and new emails.

The application is still under development and is only available to developers. Feel free to contribute or use it. Read more about the project on the Github Repository's README.md

Frontend: Build with React, TypeScript, Sass, and Redux.

Backend: Build with NodeJS and Express.

Online platform
Marketing page
Frontend Code
Backend code

Swiftly Website and Platform

24 August 2021

A company website for the platform that will revolutionize the search for a perfect job for a job seeker, and the search of a candidate for a company. We achieve this by only asking the important and needed details at the right time, to learn about the dreams of a job seeker and wishes of a company.

Build with React, Redux, and Material UI.

Site & Platform

Buckingham Taalservice Website

11 July 2021

A first website for a starting business, it portrays the business' services, allows for visitor to send a form to get in contact, and allows for them to create blogs. All of the content is handeled via Contentful.

Build with Gatsby, Contentful, Sass, and GraphQL.


Zuiver&Koek Webshop

30 April 2021

A static webshop that has a seamless integration with Shopify for product management and checkout handling. The pages load instantaneously, and is easily maintainable for non-coders due to Contentful.

Build with Gatsby, Shopify, Contentful, Sass, and GraphQL.


Omnia Consultancy Website

15 March 2021

A static website for a new company with the goal to relay its message to the world. It is blazing fast, has all the capabilities of a CMS, and is easily maintainable for non-coders.

Build with Gatsby, TypeScript, WordPress, Sass, and GraphQL.


Grönebach Movie Database

17 February 2021

A movie database, focused on speed, ease of use, and serendipity. My first project that allows users to search a select database of movies to find what they'll want to see.

Build with React, TypeScript, Redux, and Sass.