Grönebach Movie Database

Feb 17, 2021

Gronebach MDB

The website serves as a movie database, prioritizing speed, user-friendliness, and serendipity. This project enables users to explore a curated selection of movies, helping them discover what they might want to watch next.


Built with React, TypeScript, Redux, and Sass, the website merges performance with a smooth user interface. React provides a robust foundation, TypeScript ensures code reliability, Redux facilitates efficient data management, and Sass lends an appealing aesthetic to the site.

The inspiration for this tool came from a personal experience. Driving to a summer house in Germany, my girlfriend and I discussed a film we thought was available there. After searching through 270 unsorted DVDs upon arrival, we found that it was not. This website was designed to prevent such disappointments, allowing users to easily check the availability and details of any film in our database.

Build with React, TypeScript, Redux, and Sass.