Juno - A Gmail Client

Nov 3, 2021

Juno Logo

Juno is an Open Source Gmail application. It is created with React and Redux.

it will help you in the following ways:

  • A minimalistic design for less cognitive load, so you can use your brain for the needed work.
  • Go through your emails with minimal clicks.
  • Keep clear track of your to-do emails and new emails.

The application is still under development and is only available to developers. Feel free to contribute or use it. Read more about the project on the Github Repository's README.md

Juno Login

command palette

The command palette brings power to the system, fully custom built component.

Juno Command Palette

email detail

The email detail page is focused around simplicity and has dedicated tabs for messages and files for within a thread.

The action options for the email are visible but non-intrusive for the users view. All of them are hooked into keyboard shortcuts for ease-of-use.

Juno Email detail


The backend serves the purpose of a connection layer between the frontend and the Gmail API's. The incoming data from Gmail can be restructured or updated to better fit the needed output on the frontend.


Build with React, TypeScript, Sass, and Redux.


Build with NodeJS and Express.