Zuiver&Koek Webshop

Apr 30, 2021

Zuivere Koek Logo

This static webshop is designed with a smooth integration with Shopify, providing an efficient system for product management and checkout handling. The webshop offers instantaneous page loading, enhancing the user shopping experience. Furthermore, thanks to Contentful, even non-coders can easily maintain and update the site.


The platform is built with Gatsby, Shopify, Contentful, Sass, and GraphQL. Gatsby ensures rapid loading, Shopify manages product and checkout functionalities, Contentful simplifies content handling, Sass contributes to the aesthetic appeal, and GraphQL allows precise data fetching.

The primary focus of this website is selling homemade vegan cookies in the Netherlands. By combining robust technology with a user-friendly interface, it serves as a delightful and efficient platform for cookie enthusiasts to place their orders.

Build with Gatsby, Shopify, Contentful, Sass, and GraphQL.